St Bernard Soap Company is the largest contract manufacturer of bar soap in North American, producing many of the leading brands of both tallow based and synthetic based soaps. Working in close collaboration with brand-­leading Consumer Products Companies we supply the highest quality soap products from our FDA Drug and Cosmetic certified facility located in Cincinnati, Ohio.

SBSC proudly provides world class customer service; other sources of competitive advantage include an in depth understanding of the North American bar soap market combined with our capabilities in logistics, engineering and innovation/product development.

Soap Noodles


SBSC has base soap making capability for both organic and synthetic products, with 15 fully automated stamping and pack lines running at speeds of up to 350 bars per minute. Finished bars are packed in either wrappers or cartons, before being bundled and packaged to customer specification.

Fully robotic palletization takes place at the warehouse, where goods are continuously dispatched to our customer’s distribution centers.

Quality and Compliance

In addition to fully complying with our customers manufacturing and quality standards, SBSC achieved ISO 22716 GMP for cosmetics certification in 2014.

The facility is approved for the manufacturing of OTC products by the FDA.


Today St Bernard Soap Co. plays an increasing role in the development of new products. Our formulators and process engineers work in partnership with our customers R&D teams and raw material vendors to develop new products and continuously improve the manufacturing of existing products.

Samples for consumer alienation studies and test marketing purposes are produced in the pilot laboratory.


Customer Confidentiality

SBSC is a secure facility; access is strictly restricted to employees, pre-­screened sub-­contractors and visitors with a clearly defined and agreed business requirement to access the site. We manufacture under strict confidentiality agreements with our customers, preserving their consumers’ impression that the products are manufactured in-­house at the brand owners facilities.