About Us



Trillium Health Care Products (Trillium) is a privately held Canadian contract manufacturing organization, with operations in both the USA and Canada. The Company has a history of acquiring under-­utilized facilities in the Health Care & Personal Care industries; improving their performance through a combination of volume growth, capital investment, plus the implementation of world class operational and supply chain management practices.

In 1994 Trillium Health Care Products acquired their first Personal Care manufacturing facility, purchasing the Andrew Jergens bar soap plant in Perth, ON. This was followed in 1993 with the purchase of Warner Lambert’s Brockville, ON manufacturing site.

Trillium increased its presence in the manufacturing of bar soap in 2003, with the acquisition of the Ivorydale facility, from Procter & Gamble, establishing itself as a major US contract manufacturer of personal care products.

Over the course of its history, Trillium has consolidated its bar soap manufacturing operation into the Cincinnati, OH manufacturing facility whilst continuing to invest and grow its pharmaceuticals business in Brockville, ON. Long-­term supplier partnerships with some of the best known brands in both personal and health care, has enabled Trillium to become one of the leading contract manufacturing businesses in North America.

In 2005, Richardson Capital (RCL) acquired a majority position in Trillium Health Care Products. Today, RCL holds 100% of the voting shares, following a liquidity offer made to minority shareholders in 2014.

Our vision is to be a stable and successful contract manufacturer, serving a targeted segment of the Health Care and Personal Care markets, where we can demonstrate a clear competitive advantage and add value to our customer’s businesses.

We will achieve our vision through a relentless focus
on 5 key core competencies:

  • An in-­depth knowledge of the markets we serve
  • An ongoing commitment to exceed customer expectations
  • Quality and service leadership
  • Successful implementation of a lean operations philosophy
  • Financial stability