Company Values

Company Values


Mission Statement

Trillium Health Care Products is committed to maintaining the highest standards of ethical, moral and legal business conduct.

We are a successful company because we have a skilled, competent work force that shares a common pride in providing quality products that are of real value to the consumer. Our business culture encourages individual and team growth, factually based decision making, root cause problem solving and the recognition of the contribution that we each make to the success of the business.

The Company believes that the key to overall success is recruiting and retaining people whose individual talents will help advance our business. In order for the company to hire and employ individuals with these talents, it is important that all employment policies and procedures are conducted in a non-­discriminatory manner.

Guiding Principles

Honest and above board transactions with customers and suppliers are essential to sound business relationships. The company seeks to give all potential suppliers fair consideration; our decisions are based on objective criteria such as price, quality, and service capability as well as a vendor’s reliability and integrity. Giving or receiving any commissions “kick-­backs”, bribes or similar payments of any sort is prohibited; in turn our suppliers are required to demonstrate these same high ethical standards and to conduct their business transactions with integrity and fairness.

Trillium Health Care Products is committed to open and honest communication. HR policies are in place for employees to raise concerns, providing reassurance that they will be protected from reprisals or victimization that may arise from whistle‐blowing related to:

  • Incorrect financial reporting
  • Unlawful activity
  • Discrimination
  • Any activity that is not in line with our business policies, including our Code of Business Conduct
  • Health & Safety at work


We are a diverse organization, striving to be a world class business, operating to the highest ethical standards. We value our employees’ diverse background and experience, because such diversity makes us a stronger, more effective organization that is more responsive to market changes and is fully aligned with the values of our customers.

The Company provides equal employment opportunities to all employees and applicants for employment, including but not restricted to: ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, nationality, ancestry, veteran status, age disability, medical condition, marital status etc. in accordance with all applicable national and local laws.

Community Involvement

Trillium Health Care Products encourages its employees to “give-­back” to their community, through volunteering and participating in local, non-­political initiatives.